5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Basement Waterproofing

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Need Basement Waterproofing

Unread postby barryaxelcwg » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:58 am

You love your business, so why risk a flood? Although seasonal river flooding is natural and most North American cities have the infrastructure to handle the added the load, it’s heavy rainstorms that wreak havoc on homes and buildings. This is especially of concern if your small business is based in a historic building where the waterproofing work is nowhere near modern standards.

“Older buildings are prone to flooding for two main reasons: The first being they do not have pre-existing weeping tiles or drainage systems around the exterior of the house,” says Chris Cavan, Vice-President of City Wide Group, a Toronto-based basement waterproofing company. “It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the inception of clay weeping tile came about and evolved into the plastic ABS style in the 1970’s. Secondly, older home did not have any waterproofing applied to the exterior of the foundation walls. Eventually builders would add a layer of cement parging and a layer of tar on the wall, this lead to the expansion of the building code to add a plastic drainage mat to the foundation wall. Sadly, this minimum requirement typically fails after a few years of installation.”

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